Eat Seagan and Enjoy Improved Health and Longevity

I grew up not on a seagan diet but on a diet high in meat, dairy, and eggs. The main noticeable effect of this diet was a gradual increase in body weight over the years. However, at 56, after doing a great deal of research into diet, I switched to a seagan diet and I have to say that I never felt better.

As I said, the most noticeable effect of the typical Western diet on me was my excess weight. However, I imagine that my old diet has left negative effects hidden deep inside my body. I hope that the seagan diet can reverse these negative effects. From my research into diet I discovered that a diet with an overemphasis on meat, dairy products, and eggs, can lead to numerous diseases besides obesity. Numerous studies have linked heart disease, cancer, arthritis, diabetes, and more to the typical western diet.

Unfortunately, I realise that I do not have the time to build this blog up into the useful site it could be. Thus, I have decided to put things on hold until such a time as I am free to work on it.


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