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Eat Seagan

Change your diet for a healthier life today

I grew up on meat, dairy, and eggs, and the only visible effect of this diet had been a gradual increase in body weight over the years. At 56, after doing a great deal of research into diet, I switched to a seagan diet and I have to say that I never felt better.

You are what you eat, and many people today are eating crap. Diet is insurance against the illnesses of old age, and I intend to keep enjoying my daily 15-50 km cycle ride with my wife into my 90s. Time will tell, but I’ll be sharing my experiences here as proof or otherwise of the efficacy of the seagan diet.

Change to the Healthy Seagan Diet

I will share with how I switched to a seagan diet after a lifetime of a typical Western diet to encourage you to do the same.


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I share my experiences of a seagan diet with you

Choosing Ingredients

Quality ingredients are the key to great seagan food

If you have been used to basing your diet on dairy, eggs, and meat, then a lot of the things that you have been used to eating will no longer be available to you. Don’t worry, I’ll tell you all about the ingredients I use to create wonderfully nutritious and healthy dishes that will keep even the most skeptical seagan acolyte happy.